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On 1 November 2014, the new Commission led by President J. C. Juncker took office. The foremost objective of this Commission is to provide Europe with a new fresh start. To this end, it has set for its 5-year mandate the following 10 overarching priorities that will further extend to concrete legislative or non-legislative activities:

  1. A New Boost For Jobs, Growth And Investment
  2. A Connected Digital Single Market
  3. A Resilient Energy Union And A Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy
  4. A Deeper And Fairer Internal Market With A Strengthened Industrial Base
  5. A Deeper And Fairer Economic And Monetary Union
  6. A Reasonable And Balanced Free Trade Agreement With The US
  7. An Area Of Justice And Fundamental Rights Based On Mutual Trust
  8. Towards A New Policy On Migration
  9. A Stronger Global Actor
  10. A Union Of Democratic Change

The following four of these priorities are relevant to the Slovak Ministry of Environment as they concern environmental and climate change issues:

  1. A Resilient energy union and a forward-looking climate change policy – to achieve this objective the Commission has already released an Energy Union Package,which will further elaborate into specific legislation. One of the five dimensions of the proposed Framework Strategy covers decarbonising the economy, which inherently relates to environmental and climate change issues. As part of the package, the Commission also published Communication "The Paris Protocol - A blueprint for tackling global climate change beyond 2020". It outlines the EU vision of and expectation for the 2015 Paris Conference, which is to establish a new global climate change agreement.
  2. A Stronger Global Actor – under this priority, our attention will be paid to a global development agenda beyond 2015, with sustainable development at its centre. As a contribution to this issue, the Commission has presented Communication “A global partnership for poverty eradication and sustainable development after 2015”. The communication proposes EU position for international negotiations on the post-2015 development framework, to be adopted at the UN Summit in September 2015.
  3. A New Boost for Jobs, Growth and Investment – this priority also matters for us as it encompasses a mid-term review of the Europe 2020 strategy, which includes, inter alia, climate change and energy sustainability targets.
  4. A Union of democratic change – this priority is relevant to us as it involves a review of the genetically modified organism´s decision-making process.

Priorities of the Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime and Fisheries, (2014-2019)

  1. The Habitats and Birds Directives
  2. The Environmental Liability Directive
  1. Continuous implementation of the REACH directive
  2. Resource efficiency agenda (a more ambitious proposal for the Circular Economy Package is announced to be tabled at the end of 2015)
  3. The Air Package

Priorities of the Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, M. A. Canete(2014-2019) regarding climate change policies:

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