Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

State of the Environment

Reports on the State of the Environment

Reports are published every year to inform about the state of the environment, about its causes and impacts, development trends as well as measures undertaken to improve the state of the environment. Since 2016 an extra chapter is included analyzing current issues. Until now special chapters focused e.g. on global megatrends, circular economy and environment and the health. An extended report is published every four years, with first such report prepared in 2019. The last published report State of the Environment Report for the Slovak Republic State of the Environment for 2018 is available in the English language version.

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Quantitative and qualitative indicators provide information on the state of the environment. They significantly help in planning, setting policy objectives, including the inspection of their implementation.

The database of indicators is accessible on the webpage


Outlook Studies

There is a growing need for prognosis of the future development trends and of their impact on the environment and society. Such knowledge helps to create better informed policies that take global context and possible scenarios of future development into account. The following studies and analysis have been published (in Slovak language):